Well that is the holiday over, apart from an 8 hour journey home.

Orkney has been great, but I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned I was there, it rained and the tents flooded. We had to spend £55 to get in the hostel for an evening.

Anyway some photos…

Precursor to the Churchill barrier, one if the actual barrier to the left of the photo.

Tomb of the Eagles

Ness of Brodgar, top photo shows the 4 metre wide wall, middle one shows an unusual and very large rectangular Neolithic building. The bottom shows the extent of the excavations to date, but basically based on geophysics, every bit of the grass that can be seen has a structure under it. Not bad for buildings 5000 years old.

They were importing goods from as far away as Cumbria (and beyond, I just can’t remember where else 🙄)

These are the stones of Stenness – these predate Stonehenge. A tenant farmer tried to blow these up with dynamite but was stopped by the local population! The two concrete blocks mark where another couple of stones stood. In 1906 one if the stones below that had fallen was replaced by 8 men and a wooden scaffold. For scale these are about 15 feet (5 metres high)

The ring of Brodgar, a famous Orkney land mark. These stones differ from the ones above in that they are not dug in as deep. They come from 19 different parts of Orkney and current thinking is that they are so shallow (around 30cm) as they were meant to be taken down and replaced by other stones. The ditch was cut into bed rock with Neolithic tools of antler picks!

I will be back in operation tomorrow evening.

3 thoughts on “8 hours to go…

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I can sympathise with you and the weather – I was touring Scotland by motorbike in the early 80s and the tent got blown down in a storm at Ullapool and we had to put rocks on it to hold it down while we moved our sleeping bags and slept on the floor of the shower block! 🙂

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