I managed a bit of painting tonight (shock, horror). This was after going to a concert a couple of my kids were in (more on that later).

The bulk of these are standard infantry. They were painted in the Leviadon blue Contrast paint. It is sort of working over the grey primer. They will have the dark grey armour and helmet like the previous ones. The one in green is a Pathfinder sniper. His uniform is camouflaged and his armour etc is a dark green. Their faces are white as I am going down the paint with a wash for the skin tones. Still a very long way to go but at least I am painting again.

As for the concert. It was the end of a week long (we have broken up for the summer) creative project including dance and painting etc. It was all to do with the red necked phalarope.

Which looks like this:

We have a small breeding population on the island of Fetlar (which I knew) and they migrated South (which again I knew) however what I did not know until this project is that they don’t head south to the Med or Africa in fact they head pretty much West then South then west some more until they reach the Pacific Ocean off Peru.

You can read about it a bit more here: https://www.bou.org.uk/red-necked-phalarope-pacific-ocean/

Tomorrow I will endeavour to get some more paint slapped on the miniatures.

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