And I am back….I would like to say new and improved…but sadly not.

My time as acting deputy head has ended – the six weeks flew by, I came out the other end knackered but a whole lot more confident… so confident in fact that I managed to get a headship in one of the west side schools. The interview was about an hour and a half long, but according to my initial feedback, I wowed the panel and it was a unanimous decision. I then had to do another two and a half days before the end of term. We made it… it was pretty close to a crash landing but that’s a whole other story.

So where do the migraines come in… on Monday I suddenly started having a weird blind spot in my left eye, it was as if someone had placed a sparkly c over my eye. I lost peripheral vision completely. Evidently it was an occular migraine (never even heard of one before) no pain, no yucky feeling, just a weird loss of vision. They last a while then go away, and it did indeed last a while and then after a couple of hours it went away.

As for the drains… hold your noses (luckily I have no sense of smell 😁). I decided to do my regular septic tank header check and it was in fact backed up… luckily a 30m long piece of 40mm plastic water pipe is ideal for shoving into the ‘water’ and with a bit of vigorous hoiking about it generally gets the message and drains into the tank as it should.

And trains…. I have somehow made it to 53 and with my birthday money I purchased Ticket to ride. 3 hours later I emerged victorious….

The kids very kindly got me a couple of pots of Contrast paint for part of my presents from them.

I decided to give it a go on some of my proxy MI. As it was going on (I shoved it over a grey undercoat) I was honestly not that impressed, but when it dried I could see what it was meant to do.

I then decided to have a go over a white undercoat, the only thing I had was an alien plant….

This is the same blue as the infantry, I gave the top a shot with some of the red. The blue works better, I think because there is more detail to sink into. I will carry on messing about with it before I decide whether or not I like it.

Before even opening the pot I printed off a paint holder….

I didn’t want to spill their presents all over the table.

Finally (you will be pleased to know) I managed to finish painting something…

I will try and catch up with whatever everyone else has been up to over the next little while.

7 thoughts on “Trains, Drains and Migraines

  1. Congrats on the new job.

    I’ll follow your contrast painting with interest- they are something I’ve yet to try playing about with.

    The green walker looks great too.




  2. Only yesterday I was thinking that I had not seen anything from you in a while and I was going to drop you a line to see if all was OK and then … spooky. Congrats on the head ship and sorry to hear about the eye thing. Trust it has settled down along with other elements of your life and you can get back in the grove of hobbying.


  3. Congratulations (I think) on the new position! What exactly is a headship, and is the position ongoing or contract? 🙂
    Nice work on the walker as well – witht he Contrast paint, it’s a matter of figuring out how it’ll work for you/how to use it. It’s not a new be-all, end-all product, but it’s certainly got its uses…

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    1. Cheers mate… headship is a head teacher or principal of a school. It’s a permanent position. The deputy head teacher was a 6 week contract . As for the contrast paint, totally agree, to me paint is paint, I use it as needed.


      1. Ah, very big congratulations in that case. I know some of the terms and jargon is different around the world. What you call “supply teachers” are CRTs here (Casual Relief Teachers), so I thought it may be a Prin or it might also be whats called a Leading Teacher.


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