I managed the panzer 2 earlier. This is different from all of the others in that the tracks are separate to the hull and turret.

I have a couple of problems with this print. Firstly, the tracks don’t match. I seem to have printed a D and an F track! It gets worse…. one is the right track and the other is the left… so all in all a total bugger up! The problem now, is that I can’t change anything without the slicer on the laptop… So my MKII’s will have to wait until repairs are made.

I also printed off a 50% scaled house with stairs. I can now compare like for like.

First up the 60% one…

And now the 50% version…

I reckon I will stick with the 50% versions as to me they look better.

My plan is to print a few and make some hamlets, which can be joined to make a larger village.

And finally another Somua… I was so sad about the MKII

This shows it still with the support in situ…

I will get on with doing a test paint of one of the houses.

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