Well I down sized a building to 50% full size and it came out thus:

This is a different one to the first, but is another from the ones purchased from Terrain4Print.

If we look at the first print it looks like this…

It is quite big compared to the MKIII.

And then side by side…

To be honest I think the smaller of the two still looks fine, whereas the first one printed looks a bit on the big side.

I am printing off a two story house, but the base is the same as the one with the stairs.

Once it is done I will do a further comparison shot between the two. Let me know what you think so far.

7 thoughts on “Desert Dwelling II

  1. At first I though the 50% scaled building looked too small – might be the figure throwing me off!, but with the 15mm tank, it looks right! Keep up the printing, your skills are improving with each print!

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    1. Cheers mate, the buildings are going to be for ‘What a Tanker’ so they need to look right with the tanks. The mini is also sitting on a quite thick washer so is a lot bigger than a normal one. Out of interest …are you all set for your move?


  2. They look fine to me! Sometimes I’ll use 15mm or 25/28mm scenery items with 20mm if I think they look OK. I usually compare doorways with figures to see if they’re about right. That little yellow thingy with wings thing is spooky, and I couldn’t see it, but I believe maenoferren without seeing a screenshot!


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