I decided to have a go printing some buildings.Both of these came from Thingiverse.

The one on the left is from Jonnybrokenbones, I have this one and a two story one from him too.

The one on the right is a free sample from a set by Terrain4Print:


Now what can we say about them. Both of the took about two and a half hours.

The one from Jonny is a nice simple design with a roof that drops in. It doesn’t have a door (it is from the other house) I just stood one up against the hole to see what it looked like. It has a full base too. This one is designed for 15mm miniatures.

The other one by Terrain 4 Print was a reduced sized from 28mm. I dropped it down to 60% size. This one is a hollow shell with a complete separate roof just below the exposed beams.

It comes with separate doors and window shutters. In the free one it comes with a domed roof too. This one is really well detailed. It can’t be seen that well in the basic black PLA, but the render has ‘fallen off’ in a few places. The roof is also textured.

I checked up on the bought version…Basically 6 different buildings and a couple of separate walls (however if they are mirrored then it takes it up to 12).

Now if I were a total skinflint I could make 4 ‘free’ buildings from this set, plus another few free ones from Thingiverse. But you know what, of the two I really do like the one from Terrain4Print. A lot of work has gone into the design of these buildings and it only seems fair that I help out the designer. I will purchase the set of six and tip the other designer from Thingiverse.

I want these for a desert themed board for ‘What a Tanker’ If you look at the pic below you can see how big the buildings are compared to both a tank and a 15mm figure.

I reckon I will reduce the size down a bit more to 50% as the buildings look just a bit too big still.

3 thoughts on “North African Buildings

  1. They have turned out very nicely- I bet they are a real saving on buying resin or MDF buildings. They should provide some nice biits of cover for the tanks to manouvere between.



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    1. Cheers Pete, having had a look at a couple of manufacturers a simple 15mm resin house ranged from £3.50 to £6.00 before postage. So if we take 10 as a small village as a base number it would cost at least £35 plus postage. As I have bought a set of files it has come in at £7.50 for let’s say 8 houses (I say 8 as although the village set can do 12, I already have 4 as the free sample)plus print costs of somewhere around 75p ( probably way to much in all honesty) then I am still well under the minimum of the £3.50. The advantage of the printer is that I can print any amount I want, some more for my 10mm Sudan Games, some for 28mm Bolt action etc.

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