My youngest wanted something printing and this is what he chose…

The printer decided not to bed some things down properly hence the gaps and Greenstuff. It is still a very nice mech. Each part is printed in two halves and then stuck together. This is a ‘House Vermeni Highborn Command Pod’ that came off Thingiverse.

Weirdly enough this was designed by Dutchmogul in 2013. My son picked this one out of all of the options available on Thingiverse. We intend to paint it tomorrow.

In total it took about eight and a half hours to print (including the 70mm base).

I was just looking at it again and it might make a nice proxy of M4A1 Grizzly (heavy suits for the mobile infantry in Starship troopers)…

I really must watch the series and CGI films again. Not to mention actually play my game I bought as well as the RPG!

Today has been a serious lack of motivation day modelling wise. By time I played with the kids, read them story fed the cat (yes evidently I am the only one that can possibly feed him) and the mooched about a bit building the mech it was 10pm and I really couldn’t be bothered to start on any form of painting.

I might try something tomorrow 🤞

4 thoughts on “3D Printer… Request from a Small Boy

  1. That is a NICE mech indeed! Can’t wait to see it painted! I think I maybe need to revisit Starship Troopers – I’ve watched all of Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and really enjoyed them, so something new to watch would be nice.


    1. Thanks John, I have all of the original films as well as the animated TV series as well as the cgi films too. I really like them. The series has them as proper mobile infantry in augmented suits rather than the basic infantry in the original film.


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