Yep I decided to print another Mausoleum, this time from a designer called Ecaroth. This took a whopping 10 hours 45 minutes, with an expected 3 hours 45 minutes for the roof. This is the ruined version, there is also an intact version of the same tomb.

I also downloaded some civilian ‘casualties’ from Ill gotten Games.

These are two of the upright civilians, the rest are having a bit of a lie down. They are still on the print bed. Now these all come without bases, so I decided to have another go at producing a base to attach the mini to. This is another great set. They only came out yesterday I think.

These are both on 30mm bases that I made in 3D builder and then merged the. miniature with the base. I made them 3mm thick, but may shave it down a bit.

Interestingly enough there were no whispers on these, all though I did do them individually. The wounded or dead ones were all printed together. I didn’t notice too much stringing before I left them.

I will find out tomorrow. As I was feeling a bit knackered I decided that a very early night was required. This means no elf painting….

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