Shock, horror, I actually managed to get this off the build plate without anything snapping or me stabbing myself with a metal scraper 😉

Unfortunately I can’t remember how long it took to print, somewhere around 2 hours thirty or thereabouts.

I was thinking about playing with the scale and printing some bigger and smaller versions, then breaking them up a bit.

7 thoughts on “Weird space plants II

    1. Yeah totally agree, i print things that I either cant make or cant be arsed to make… this is one of those, for the time and money I might as well print it rather than make it out of Green stuff etc.


    1. It is whether to base them as rough terrain or not. I used weird plants in games before. When a character came near them I rolled on a table to see what the effect was… the best ever was when a Tyrannosaur charged the party through one of these plants and its world dropped out of its bottom. Followed very quickly by a couple of Nitro express rounds to the head…

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  1. Very cool. For ease of play, I wonder about having some plants like that but the parts that stick up can come out and be replaced when I model moves in and then out of the area, sort of like I’ve seen some do with forest bases? In any case, nicely done and they will be fun to see painted.

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