So the printer has been running quite a bit this afternoon and evening…

I redid the heroes for the game… much better this time round… but then again they took 5 hours plus to print. I still managed to snap the spear off the same one again! I reckon the PLA just isn’t strong enough. I will drill it out and put in a wire spear or something similar.

This is still without the specific miniature profile for the slicer.

The other thing I made was a vat of bubbling something or other.

It isn’t exactly the largest thing to hide behind, but I reckon I could double the size. This size took an hour and a half to print.

I also made a start on printing the game tiles….

Still a very long way to go. I fished my Dark green rattle can out of my shed and have brought it into the house to warm up a bit. I will give all the fields etc a spray with it then get some variation onto them. Part of me wonders about adding flock to them, but I am worried it might look weird. On the upside I can print a tile off and give it a go…..

On the plate now are some 40k style ammo boxes with separate lids… They should be done in not much over an hour.

2 thoughts on “3D Printer Updates…

  1. Making good progress! I know what you mean about flock/static grass on small scale bases. If the bases have a bit of texture though I’d probably paint them green and drybrush them yellow (I used to use Humbrol 80 grass green, which is available in enamel or acrylic).

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