So Sunday in the kitchen has taken place with the background chuntering of the Printer.

I got the first 14 tokens printed this afternoon. These took 2hours 48 minutes to complete.

These came out fine apart from the front four. These for some reason warped.

You can see the shadow caused by the warping on the photo above. I am not sure why they warped as the only one that isn’t a repeat is number 5. Therefore it is either an issue with bed adhesion (as in it’s not clean enough) or perhaps some issue with the way they were sliced.

I noticed as the first few levels went down that a few of them looked a bit weird – one edge was really thin and the other a bit thicker. I can’t actually remember how many of these weird ones there were, but I would like to have a guess at 4!

The next two sets of tokens were the square ones, these funnily enough came out totally flat. I did give the build plate a blast with isopropyl alcohol to clean it off just in case. These took 1 hour 51 minutes. The build plate wasn’t even cool before I set it off with the circular possession counters. These took a mere hour to complete.

Next on the SD card was actually a miniature. Now I played with the slicer profile a smidge. I moved the wall number from 2 to 3. This does seem to have smoothed things out a bit…

There is a definite difference between the new (Manflayer) on the left and the rogue on the right. There were other differences in the miniature profile from Fat Dragon, but I can’t remember what they were. The model above is pretty similar to the view in the slicing software. I don’t think the amount of detail will improve a huge amount. This is in no way a criticism as I might be proved wrong. The Manflayer took just under an hour and a half to complete.

I am now in the process (or the printer is) in doing a set of 10 event counters.

I will probably show these tomorrow. Once they are done I will get a group of four dread folk printed.

I will then be left with 4 cultists with separate arms, 1 night fiend and 20 boon counters then all of the components will be complete. I intend to get everything painted too.

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