All 14 tiles are now printed

The last ones done were the village last night and the fields today.

I don’t think I showed the keep and hill yesterday either. Now these weren’t quick prints. The keep and hill took 5 hours 30 minutes, the village tiles took slightly less at 5 hours 24 minutes and the four field tiles took 5 hours 48minutes. As for the cost for all 14 tiles. I weighed them to get the total weight. All 14 came in a 180 grams. Giving a total cost of £3.24. Now there has been 20+ hours worth of printing time. But still just over 3 quid isn’t too bad a price to pay. The other thing that dawned on me when I released the villages from the bed was that they would make ideal town (or villages) for 6 or 10mm wargames. I will see how they look when they are painted up.

So here are all 14 tiles together…

One thing I have noticed is that they don’t all fit together seamlessly. It could be slight imperfection on the edges or my z axis might be slightly out… but in reality it is out by a mm at most so not worth worrying about.

Part of me wants more rivers and roads or at least a curved tile…that way I can make more interesting maps 😉.

Tomorrow I will make a start on the tokens and the rest of the miniatures. If I do the miniatures I will try better settings on the slicer and see how it goes.

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