Well tonight I printed up a couple of the game tiles from the curse of Moht game by Dutchmogul.

These even though very flat took 3 hours to print. I think it is probably caused by all of the tufts and individual cobblestones on the road.

I also painted up one of the characters from the game. He is nothing spectacular but does the job. In terms of detail think early Games Workshop plastics…to be fair I printed him with standard settings on the printer. I reckon I could get more detail if I tried.

The other think I printed was a leaking barrel. Not sure what it is leaking but I thought green was rather funky.

As for the game tiles I need 14 in total:

1 keep

1 hill

1 river

1 ruin

4 fields

2 forests (being printed now)

2 roads (printed)

2 villages.

There are the miniatures too.

4 cultists

4 dread fiend monster thingies

1 cleric

1 manflayer (printed… I think)

1 night fiend

1 dusk lord (printed)

There are a whole host of tokens and bits to print as well.

You can read a bit more about it here:


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