I am calling these done apart from a bit of tidying up and then the bases finishing. I might give the faces a bit of a wash as they do look a bit pale.

It would have made my life easier if my fine detail brushes hadn’t given up the ghost.

I think they will look a lot better when they get the sand or flock or whatever I decide upon onto the bases.

Because the bases are so raised then I can’t really just paint the bases. Which is a bit of a pain as whatever I put on is going to look massive by comparison.

I eventually ordered 200 40x20mm bases so when they arrive I will blast on with the infantry. As I am on a bit of a roll with 10mm I might crack on with some more Mongols.

I also managed to get a bit of paint onto the Gigantoraptor, these dinosaurs also fall into the neglected miniatures category.

Still another 5 to go out of the neglected dinosaurs. A triceratops, a tyrannosaurus, a parasaurolophus, a stegosaurus and a hatzegopteryx (a massive flying reptile in case you didn’t know). The total bugger is that four of them have earlier ones already painted. It would be good if I could match them in.

6 thoughts on “Neglected Miniatures Cavalry Done

  1. All looking good! High cast bases are always a pain to deal with – I use Vallejo pumice to texture bases and it fills in gaps well, although sometimes needs some extra on if it shrinks on drying. Basically it’s fine sand/pumice in a thick acrylic white medium. Painted earth and then drybrushed, it comes out well.
    I like those dinosaurs!

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    1. Cheers, I might have a look at the pumice stuff… the other option I have is that I have a sack if lizard vivarium sand, it is really fine grained. I might look that out and see what it looks like. Knowing me though I will get pissed off with things and then throw some flock on. 😱

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    1. Yeah with a lot of the figures I did I added the basing material before I painted the miniatures. I reckon with the infantry that is what I will do. I mix a bit of brown into it to avoid glaring white chips. Luke’s APS and Geek Gaming are bringing out a tile grout/soil mix that looks like it would really do the job, it just isn’t out yet

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