To the left some 18mm elves to match against my dwarves. The pair of legs was a failed print where the support for the sword dropped off. The two with the swords needed a fair bit of support. The swords are very fragile as is the mage’s staff.

The other thing I printed was some 28mm scatter bits. This was another freebie from Thingiverse. Unfortunately I can’t remember who designed it. I will mention the name tomorrow. The elves were again by Dutchmogul.

2 thoughts on “3D Printer… Odds and Sods

    1. Thinner stuff like the swords not that good in PLA, the Tiger and Panther printed last week both lost their barrels. ABS is stronger though. As A test I just stood on the crates and barrels. Absolutely fine. I’d depends on the infil too. The higher the infil the stronger the piece. Some of the free stuff was printed at 10% and to be honest it was a bit on the fragile side. 20% seems to be much better. Thinking about it I am not sure what infil the barrels have.
      They might be solid for all I know.


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