I promise I will stop sometime!

My MKIII and panzer 38t’s

I also printed a water barrel cart.

It has only one wheel as, although I printed two, I hadn’t realised the wheels are stuck together to make a thicker one. It’s a 10 minute job tomorrow so not a worry really. I would have printed an extra pair tonight but I am part way through printing a 15mm Panther.

Pete asked me how much does the printer cost to run, I had heard about the price of a lightbulb, but in reality I honestly don’t know. I tried doing a bit of research, but the internet is so bad tonight, Pages wouldn’t load. One I did manage to see was $370 dollars per year if he ran it 24 hours a day. Others were saying 2 cents per hour. So I think the consensus is pretty much… not that much. Mine has a heated bed normally sitting at 60 degrees, it has 2 fans in the print head and three small electric motors. Plus a fan on the board (similar to a computer fan).

Another site I found worked on an electricity tester and ran a 5 hour print with the total cost of £0.04.

Whatever the actual real cost is2 cents an hour or just under a penny an hour it still is great fun.

My Panther is now half way through…

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