Whoops I seem to be hooked by this 3D printing malarkey….

I printed the Tiger 1 over night but the rest was today….

A sock ruler for my good Lady, A Hufflepuff crest for my eldest, a pile of markers for our One Ring RPG… I have left it printing 2 panzer 38t and a couple of MKIII.

I suppose the novelty will wear off soon.

The nice thing is all of the above STL files cost nothing. So quite a bargain.

The one thing I will do this week is credit the designers for everything, something I have meant to do but have forgotten so far. 😬

The white bit on the barrel of the Tiger is a mix of superglue and bicarbonate, sets like rock… some knacker tried knocking the barrel off. Tomorrow I may attempt to finish the Graveyard Scatter.

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