I got a bit more done on the graveyard tonight…

It is starting to get there, I cleaned the brush off on the brown hence the weird grey pattern. The brown will be covered in flock so I am not too concerned about it. The deep recess in the front will be wet. The idea is to get reeds and tussocks in there.

The next problem is what colour flock to use, I will have to have a mooch about to see what I have in the shed. I will need some static grass tufts as my intention is that it will be overgrown and uncared for.

I think I still have plenty of stuff to make bushes and scrub.

There will also be other bits of graveyard to be used as scatter terrain. I think I will go for irregular shapes as opposed to old CD’s.

I will get the flock on tomorrow.

I forgot to mention the first of the Fire festivals took place on Friday. There are some very good drone and video footage, mine was time lapsed with the tablet.

We didn’t go down to watch the boat burn on the water, but this is a photo from a couple of years ago.

It’s not the biggest, but to be honest it is my favourite. It’s handy we can sit at my mates house and watch the procession go past.

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