The big blob of foam was trimmed down to something roughly hill shaped. This was stuck down onto the EPVC. I prefer basing on this as it won’t warp when the PVA is used.

I got a base coat of filler onto it, unfortunately it ran a bit thin as the tube was ancient and it wouldn’t mix properly. This was a bit of a bugger, so once it dried I used a thick coat of PVA to help toughen things up a bit.

When the PVA dried I got the cliff faces painted with standard Dulux dark grey with a bit of PVA mixed in.

This will be dry brushed to lighten it up then shaded with various washes.

I then tried out various gravestones in various locations. The idea for this piece is that I wanted an old overgrown graveyard. The hill is there as a line of sight blocker and raised ground (as befits a hill).

I messed around with the broken and leaning gravestones as well as a grave slab.

Off the two above I prefer the bottom one as I like the symmetry. No doubt I will forget where they go (hence the photo above). I intend to use sculptamould or more filler to bed the gravestones in. I intend the grass to be overgrown with bushes and weeds all around. The central dip on the top is to be some form of gravel path.

There will be other graveyard themed scatter pieces to go with this. I have just bought some 3D files that will be useful for the build.

I thought I would give a quick insight into my planning method…

I am totally rubbish at planning. I can’t get it down onto paper, it is all in my head but I am pleased to say that what I have on the table is kind of what I was thinking about.

The weather here is a tad blowy. Pushing 60 mph plus in the gusts. Thankfully the lights have stayed on

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