Too much on tonight so no painting.

However we did get to play ‘One Night Ultimate Werewolf’

This was a great little game, Lasting about 5 minutes per session. We played it five times in a row…. however everyone kept shooting me… to be fair I was the werewolf twice in a row.

Each person is a character in a small village, the villagers win if they kill a werewolf and the werewolves win if they survive.

The cards are lovely…really thick and very colourful.

The picture above is from the App supporting the game. This isn’t necessary and we played our sessions without it.

The rules are really easy to understand. Basically night falls and everyone shuts their eyes as they go to sleep. The first to wake up are the werewolves. They check who the other werewolf is, if any…they then shut their eyes and the seer wakes up, they can check one person’s card to see who they are. The problem is that the robber wakes up next and swaps cards with someone else. They then go back to sleep and the trouble maker wakes up and swaps cards. In the morning the accusations fly and the loser is the one that gets the most votes (and the silver bullet). Because of the Shenanigans of the card swapping sometimes you end up as the Villager when you started off as a werewolf.

The other cards are for more advanced games, we will come to those in future games.

I haven’t explained it that well, but it was a fun Games session nonetheless!

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