I got the Lurker bases almost done…

The question now is… which one joins the army?

The army has had the bases covered in sand. Once this dries I will get some flock on and get them varnished.

Today we went for Sunday Shenanigans to Catfirth seaplane base.

This was built in the dying months of World War One. In fact it was never finished. Three buildings still survive, the rest are long gone.

The three buildings can be seen in pink on the map below.

There is also the magazine and detonator store.

The roof of the magazine has disappeared, not sure when, or what it was made of.

One of the sheds has been used by sheep, the poop was up to the windows… I reckon they have been using it for around 90 years.

Finally for today, an arty shot 😉

7 thoughts on “Lurker Bases

    1. The site had one hanger built and space for another six I think. They were flying Felixstowe F2’s and F3’s out of the base. As for the lLurkers it might come down to a coin. Or take both and swap them each game 😁

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