I did some work on the horde elements last night.

Still a fair way to go on these but I am getting there.

There will be one base of commoners and two of elite types. I know it should be the other way around, but as these were samples I can’t really argue. They are going to be part of the Horde if the Things force so I am not too bothered.

Whilst perusing the Tin Soldier Website I accidentally ordered a DBA Aztec army… so much for not buying anything new!

Do I need a DBA Aztec army…. not really when I have this lot to paint up!

Black Hat Aztec army, DBM sized!

To be honest though, I am not sure about these. I got them on a whim to play a fantasyesque Conquistador campaign, that was two years ago. If I hadn’t decided on a Different HOTT army for this year’s tournament then they probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day for another two years.

Lastly I have a flyers element available if needed 😉

I found a couple of these chaps. They are actually Pendraken 10mm dragons with the tails cut off. They will do as Pterosaurs.

I have got some Magister Millitum one’s too but could only find one of the three. I would loved to have done Jungle birds, but can’t think of anyone who does a host of them.

I will crack on with these tonight. I am posting now as I have stable internet at the minute. Something that is a rare commodity at the minute.

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