Well as today was crap outside I did some filing and glueing this afternoon.

This morning we took the kids to see Smallfoot which they loved and as an adult I found as an enjoyable enough way to spend a couple of hours.

Anyway, what have I been up to…

The general and unit of knights (minus their lance).

Shooters, blades and beasts…

Some additions, in case I feel the urge to rethink my list. A couple of bases of spears and a small artillery piece. Which has now been rebase as I realised from the photo that it was on a 30 x 30 base instead of 40 x 40!

I found another idea for a lurker…

And luckily some of my Horde are already painted.

Okay I know these lot shouldn’t be mixed up like this, but they are the same size as the Conquistadors and I quite like them. It just so happens that I have enough for three bases worth.

4 thoughts on “HOTT Conquistadors II

  1. At my model club this evening one of the chaps gave me a few 15mm(?) figures, english civil war I think, look very nice. Haven’t had a proper look at them but they aren’t the sort of thing I will do. I know you do bits in this scale so if they would be of interest to you send me your address via my contact page and I’ll post them to you. Don’t want anything for them but pointless having them just sitting there when someone might use them. If not for you then perhaps your kids. No obligation.

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