I managed to get quite a long way with these today…

They have got a flag for the simple reason, some oik was trying to cut a groove in a hand to take a pin. I was going to add a yak tailed banner, except my attempt at a groove took off the whole forearm when my hand slipped! Queue Greenstuff flag instead of banner.

There are some depictions in historical documents of them having flags, so that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

A different view. I will probably tone down the yellow on the clothing and scabbards etc as it is a little in your face.

This picture is of the flag, before it went all floppy and naff looking.

It is now propped up to try and hold some form of dynamic shape

I would like to get these finished tomorrow as I have decided to paint up a different army for the Hordes if the Things tournament. I think I will go for Conquistador, with a bit of a fantasy twist… there is a list in the rule book which should make things easier.

There are enough different figures to choose from…

I am still undecided as to whether or not to paint all of them or just enough for 24 points worth for the tournament???

We shall see tomorrow….

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