I made a start on the next lot….

Sand down and sealed with watered down PVA.

Once dried these were brush undercoated with Bay Brown B.

Once these are dried I will get a start on the horses. I might give them a black wash to bring out the detail a bit more.

Tonight we had a bash at Horde of the Things. We are having a tournament on 10th November and had a reminder game. As four of us were going to have a go we had a two on two game,

Unfortunately my partner over extended onto my right flank and 70% of their force were unable to take part as their dice rolls were dire and they put some troops too far away in rough terrain that reduced their effectiveness.

I managed a single photo.

My dwarves face off against a combined force of Martians and fantasy Babylonians … three bases of Early Germans ( 6 points out of 24) are on my right flank. Needless to say, things didn’t go all my way… AKA I lost, but In fairness my general and his general both died in their epic struggle.

The mat, was a work around as everyone thought someone else was bringing the proper game mats!

It was a good game, but I am glad I had the refresher game.

Next question is what force do I field. In 15mm I have Early German, both straight historical and fantasyesque with bat swarms, shamans and werewolves. My dwarves as seen above and an undead army. I have got some conquistadors and Aztecs to paint up, but to be honest they may go on EBay as they, like a lot of things are just sitting there. Not to mention that the tournament is on 10th November.

The theme this year is ‘Here be Dragons’… therefore every force must have at least one Behemoth.

I have a few useful miniatures that would work, dragons and Giants are two that are painted and ready to be added into a force.

If I did paint up my Aztec troops I have a very nice winged serpent that would work as their Behemoth.

Choices, choices, choices!

4 thoughts on “Medium Cavalry

  1. Like the game! The fantastyesque Germans sound a fun army for an outing! Like the sound of Aztecs, buy you’re gonna be a bit short in time! Pity your Mongols are the wrong size, ’cause some yeti and a Chinese-style Dragon would go quite well with them!

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    1. The Germans came second in the competition and second for the best themed army too, they would have come first but some plonker read the ratio wrong they had to be a certain percentage fantasy and a percentage historical… I got them the wrong way round!


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