Finished apart from the Flag… what colour should it be?

I have still got to add the bushes to the bases and possibly paint the flag a different colour but otherwise I am calling theses done.

It was quite handy having only half a dozen bases to do this time.

One last random photo….

They are never going to win any prizes, but I am wanting them done and out of the way as they have sat there for far too long.

Still about the same total amount to do, but I am going to have to change gear and move onto my HOTT army next as I need it by 10th November.

I have decided on a Conquistador force. Not sure of the composition yet, but I am seriously thinking about Leonardo Da Vinci’s tank from Alternative Armies to act as a Behemoth.

It is definitely in keeping with the army type.

I could probably knock something up myself but for speed I think I will just buy one.

So 15mm for the next week or two, then back to the 10’s.

4 thoughts on “Medium Cavalry Finished

  1. Crikey, no sooner have I read the last post than they’re finished! Nice! Not sure what might be the best colour for the flag, but I thing Chinese period flags had different coloured borders for contrast!
    You have got to have one of those tanks as well!

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