Huzzah they are all done!

I decided on a spring offensive look to the bases. It is a bit in the bright side, but I decided to go with it to give a bit of contrast to the horses.

I might add some mini tufts that I have, we shall see how many I have and what colours they are.

The flock is still pretty much wet in this photograph. Once it is all dry tomorrow I will seal it in and then get the miniatures varnished (something I forget quite often).

I also shoved some sand onto my Medium cavalry. These are my next lot.

Only 6 bases worth so hopefully shouldn’t take that long.

There are ten or eleven of the heavies, each base has four figures on it.

Then there will be around six infantry bases and a similar number of civilians.

I will have something for my knights to fight now. I am a bit tempted by the TB line of Eastern Europeans, they would look rather good fighting the Mongols.

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