Lordy, these are taking forever…

To speed things up a bit, I didn’t do every bridle. Some of the brown horses and bay horses have theirs missed off. Basically because a brown rein on a brown horse is not visible at long range, therefore at this scale they aren’t visible either.

Highlights done in the blue, red and cream oh and the skin tone too, but in that case I think I overdid it.

Still to do spears and swords and a highlight on the bows. A wash in the hats and most of the quivers need painting too.

Still a long way to go, but feel like I am over another hump.

Tonight’s painting was brought to you by:

A bit of a rip roaring monster film based on an arcade gam3 from the 80’s. Well to be honest the game passed me by. I did however enjoy the film.

Tonight the boys watched Rampage and the girls the Greatest Showman.

Tomorrow I am off to see the new Predator film… we shall see what we think of that.

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