Bridles and breaching…

Or in other words… whose stupid bloody idea was that.

This has taken for ever… but once I started I had to keep going. Two hours later and it seems like I have got nowhere. Green and blue done for the bow pouch. Still over half of the bridles etc to do.

I really wished that I hadn’t started ☹️

Today’s painting was brought to you by:

Not the most accurate portrayal of 10000 BC… but a jolly jape none the less

The kids got to spend their pocket money today, my youngest chose Lego, as per usual, and a happy chap he was. However he got excited to get started and emptied all of the bags out. This in turn meant it took twice as long to build.

We got there in the end and the Mech was built.

Tomorrow I shall carry on with the bridles…

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