Minuscule amount done tonight.

I painted the swords and nothing else.

I went to see The Predator tonight. Sadly no Arnie, but a couple of nods to both film 1 and 2 of the franchise. They also use the immortal line…’get to the choppers’ I enjoyed it, but to be honest some bits made absolutely no sense. I won’t spoil it but every so often I went 🙄😲🙄😲.

A totally different film to the first and most definitely the second as they know the Predators exist, based on finds and intel from film 1 and 2.

Still an extremely high body count but I actually found myself wanting certain people to survive.

Some of the scenes were really funny and really well done.

All in all a very enjoyable couple of hours at the cinema. Overlord looks like it might be worth a shufti at. Weird Wars in WW2.

4 thoughts on “Mongol Cavalry VII

  1. I’ve heard mostly bad things from mates of mine about the movie. It’s kind of put me off to be honest. I’ll definitely watch it some stage but my mates and I generally have the same views on movies and music etc.


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