Now with faces…

I also painted the hats, the effect isn’t obvious from the front.

It can however, be seen much better from the back.

I went for two distinct units of two. I could mix and match them as required, but at least I will be able to see which base belongs to which unit.

I also did a bit of research into Mongol horses.

Very few have a blaze, but for artistic reasons I will leave mine as are.

Tonight’s painting was brought to you by:

Another film I really enjoy… my Mongol horde can act as the Tao Tei…or is it the other way around. 😉

Still a fair way to go but they are beginning to look good en masse. And they don’t look too bad from a distance.

Still to do are the weapons, quivers, boots and the occasional bit I have missed. I am seriously considering missing out the bridles and straps.

All of the bows will be bleached bone, spears monster brown or similar. The next question is do I do all the quivers the same colour to speed things up or do I mix them up a bit….

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