“Somebody wake up Hicks!”

He Gods the plane journey down to Aberdeen was like the drop-ship scene from Aliens! First time I have ever actually left my seat on take off. 😱

Anyway as I am away from home, I won’t be able to paint anything. So instead I photographed my barbarians from Pendraken.

I based these up for GW’s Warmaster rules which is why the cavalry etc are on 20x40mm bases long ways. My plan is to now rebase the cavalry troops to 30x40mm bases.

So what do we have in the horde?

A general mounted on a mammoth. I have around three others without the howdah. These are my heavy hitters, you don’t get many things heavier and hittier than an enraged pachyderm. The rest of these ended up in my Palaeolithic mammoth hunting box.

Bison riders next, these will become two units of three riders.

I wanted a wild feel to this force, so the next lot are my bison stampede troops… the warriors chase the spare bison towards the enemy lines!

There is also a pack of wolves that can be utilised too.

Some heroes and sub generals to lead the force

Some allied muscle in the form of some trolls

And not to mention some hairy chaps with big sticks. There are twelve bases of warriors armed with hand weapons and three bases of missile armed troops. My missing or imagined Caucasian Amazon’s added to this force!

Finally we have a giant eagle that is useful for various things.

There are another two knocking around somewhere else!

They are really hard hitting with some flexibility of troop types. Their relative lack of missile troops makes them vulnerable at long range, however their main protagonists are an undead/thrall force who thankfully don’t have many missile troops either, their ability to get back up again after you knock them down makes them a little more tricky to beat.

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