Now onto the undead…

Still in Aberdeen so more pictures of previously painted stuff.

A small force of scary stuff.

Vampire commanders, one of the three bat clouds, the other two are sitting in the 15mm early German box. This became a quasi fantasy force with both werewolves and giant bats.

Skeletons both cavalry and infantry with their own command. Ghosts in the background

Zombies with big scary skeletons and mummies in the background

I increase my undead force by including the beggar army to act as thralls

They have their own command (at the back)

They do have a mounted force

As well as a small force of missile troops.

As with the barbarians, these are based up for GW’s Warmaster. I intend to rebase the cavalry to a 30 x 40mm base giving me two bases worth.

Other things I found when I was having a mooch around in my boxes.

Samurai Apes, these are part finished and the following need even more work

I have a whole host of the blue ones at the same stage of painting. I may have to get them finished now that I have found them. The above is pretty much the full range apart from bow armed tiger riders. They really could do with some additions. Some form of peasants as well as some monks and ninja just to name a few.

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