I wanted these finished tonight and managed to do so.

Well when I say finished, I suddenly noticed all of the glaring errors in the photo above. If nothing else, the saddle on the sitting camel needs a wash and a highlight.

I was right about the bases being finished would help distinguish the figures, but I think I am going to repaint all of the spears etc something like a bone colour to give a better contrast.

The camels look like this:

And the infantry like this:

I really do think I need the lighter colour on the spears etc more for aesthetic’s than anything else. The other thing I need to paint is the bier that the queen is sitting on. I evidently totally forgot to paint it.

These certainly aren’t going to win any prizes but they are done in two evenings. So success on that front.

I had a look for my other Amazon’s and this is all I found!

I am totally perplexed as to where the rest have gone.

I am now beginning to wonder whether or not I imagined painting up an army, either that or I painted them up for somebody else.

Tomorrow I am off to Aberdeen on the first flight off Island, this means a wake up at 05.00… I am seriously not looking forward to that!

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