I decided my Amazon’s would be next

This was simply because there were less of them and also they were less detailed than the Mongols. I decided that I needed to ease myself into painting 10mm again as it has been about three years or so since I did.

These were base coated black…

Foundry Bay brown (b) was put on as a heavy dry brush. After that a lighter dry brush of Bay brown (c). The difference can be seen in the photo below.

I mixed up the lighter Bay brown with some GW Cadian flesh. I think I overdid the light drybrush as they came out a bit lighter than I wanted.

The two slaves carrying the queen are meant to be a lighter skin tone. My first set of these are Caucasian with blonde hair, I wanted this lot to be different. They have obviously captured some of the hated white hair tribe….

I finished tonight’s session by painting all the hair black. Tomorrow I will hopefully crack on with the weapons and camels.

Once the weapons are done I reckon they will look a lot better. That and getting something onto the bases to hide the black.

I am wanting these all finished before I fly down to Aberdeen on Tuesday morning.

2 thoughts on “Bare Naked Ladies and a Horde of Camels

    1. With these the dry brushing method I’d the easiest method, but maybe not the best for competition winning entries. I won’t be able to do the same with the Mongols, or at least not the same level. To paint I need to us3 reading glasses anyway so it helps with painting these too

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