I have decided to have another go at 10mm figures.

Do I choose a half dozen figures.., errrr No!

Here are the cavalry,

There are:

26 bases of light cavalry

6 bases of medium cavalry

10 bases of heavy cavalry

There are also foot troops and civilians to go, but as I started feeling a bit weird with the superglue fumes I thought I had better stop!

These must have been sat in a box for five years. I got them from Pendraken the year they came out.

Someone very kindly gave me the suggestion to carry on with my French and Indian Wars stuff. I was going to and then sat and thought about it. My whole force was to be for skirmish gaming. I already have 45 painted woodland Indians do I really need another thirty? Same with the militia, I have some painted up already… how many do I actually need?

When painting 10mm figures I paint them on the base. Firstly it gives me something to hold onto and secondly it seems to be quicker. I tried painting them on strips, but Nick an old time regular on the Pendraken forum gave me the idea and I have gone that way since then.

They will never win any painting prizes, but it does get an army on the table relatively quickly.

I may actually start on my Amazon warriors.. these are on the whole naked ladies. With some of them on camels. A lot easier to paint methinks!

I do think that the sculptor needed to get out in the fresh air more and meet some actual ladies and not just Dolly Parton.

I have got one army pack already painted along with the barbarians. This will boost the fantasy horde.

They will probably need rebasing as I based them for Warmaster, but since then I have played Hordes of the Things more.

Also in the box were my plains Indians as well as a pile of Colonial British and Egyptian cavalry. Let’s not forget this chap! He is around 20 years old and one of these days I will get him painted.

2 thoughts on “Mongol Horde

  1. In this politically correct age, I’d like to see how the Mongols turn out! If I was being politically incorrect, I’d have said I’d have liked to see how the naked ladies turn out! Sadly, because I’ve painted a Ming Chinese Army in the past, I really would like to see the Mongols!

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