Huzzah, all done apart from a green wash and highlight on the grass on the bugler’s base.

They have come a long way from the bare metal of the Schilling pack!

My plan was to try really hard with the faces and apart from the squinty eyed bugler I am happy with the result. I don’t mind the face, it’s the Mad Eye Moody look that I am not too happy about.

After I pushed through the ‘oh blimey they look naff’ stage of the painting I am really pleased with them. The do look rather spiffy in their blue jackets.

This is them alongside the other three dwarves from the pack.

The only thing missing from the skirmish pack are the two ogres.

I decided two was a bit of an odd number and reinforced them with some friends and actually made them an odd number…. I must apologise for the really naff teacher joke there! 🙄🙄🙄

The two from the pack are the two on the left.

It took around 6 months or so, but I got them all painted eventually.

The big question is what next?

Flintloque maybe the Ostarian or undead hussars

French and Indian Wars – two units of thirty one of woodland Indians and the other of militia.

Or maybe change scale again and sort out my 10mm Mongol horde.

Oh yeah and finish the gloves on the dwarf Officer above!

On a non painting level, I survived the exam, I spent so long thinking about the legislation etc that I forgot about the day to day simple stuff. If truth be told, the whole exam thing wasn’t that brilliant. It was a closed book exam however, that is not real life, in reality we would look up what we needed. All It did was freak out a good number on the course for no good reason. I did point this out on my feedback., Course Excellent- Exam … pants!

Did I pass, Who knows… but I think I did enough to not fail 🤔

4 thoughts on “The Krautians are Finished

    1. Cheers, I needed to chill so I cracked on with them. They are amazingly good miniatures. In hindsight I should have cleaned up the musket of the pointing sergeant. The ogre on the right is resin, the rest are white metal an£ way a tonne!

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