These are thingies or even thingumybobs.

An evil combination of Skaven and zombie. I had a couple of zombie heads going spare and a pile of skaven bodies and I thought I would give it a go. Tail removed and the zombie head attached with Greenstuff. A down and dirty paint job and voila.. a couple of… whatever’s!

Funnily enough I did not enjoy painting these at all. I can’t say why I just didn’t. Strangely exactly the same thing happened with the Witchland Zombies I added to my Flintloque force. I just didn’t enjoy painting them.

I have painted plastics before and never had the same feeling of ‘meh’. It is not as if I haven’t painted plastics before and to be honest I just painted a plastic Space Marine that I quite enjoyed.

It shall probably remain one of those mysterious mysteries.

Speaking of space Marines I built some of the chaos ones.

To be honest I am quite impressed, even though you can’t do much to these ones apart from maybe move the position of the arms a bit and get the middle one to turn his head the other way. I am going to have a mess around with my green stuff tentacle roller tool and see if I can make the next lot look a little different.

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