After Procrastinating for a good while, I eventually managed to paint the flags…


And then after third attempt on the white flag it suddenly dawned on me it was wrong again….in the words of Corporal Nobby Nobbs of the Ankh Morpork City Watch….

“Sodding Arseholes!”

The squiggles should be inside the cross!

You know what… I think I may leave it the way it is.

Tomorrow I may start on the Woodland Indians.

The other thing coming up soon is the Shetland Games Day. This takes place on 6th October. Now the question is what should I run… so far I have done:

10mm Mammoth hunting.

The humans are Magister Millitum Eskimo and cave men. The adult mammoth are Pendraken, babies are Irregular miniatures 6mm Tusk mammoth and the rest of the fauna are Magister.

10mm Dinosaur hunting

The human hunters are Pendraken (WW2 Russian Snipers) the dinosaurs are Magister Millitum. Each person took a two man team and had to shoot the male triceratops to win. The other dinosaurs were there to either get in the way or to eat the players.

28mm Gladiator Games

The Figures were a mix of EM4 pre painted as well as some Westwind ones. The rules were EM4 too. The arena was scratch built for the show.

I may have to dust off my Sudan stuff and get the players to brave the hot desert wastes as they struggle to save Charlton Heston in Khartoum.

The other option is xenomorph hunting with the colonial marines… I shall have to see….

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