I managed to paint something…

This pair is from the Blue Moon Headless Horseman set. All of the others are individual characters from Sleepy Hollow. The Horseman comes as a mounted and dismounted figure.

Instead of the all black figure from the various films etc I decided to make him a bit more colourful, well he had been a soldier, Not sure what colour the Hessian cavalry actually were, but as I had a dark green and a red, I thought why not. I went a bit wild on the grey highlights on the horse, this will need sorting. Instead of adding a bit of paint to numerous figures at once. I decided to finish just this pair. The rest of them can be seen in the background.

A right hodgepodge of colours 😱

I think for the rest I will do them in groups of five or so instead of trying to add a bit of a certain colour of paint to random figures.

Once these are finished I have another 72 to make a start on.

Then onto the ……who knows, so much to do.

And finally I managed to finish a pair of shoes.

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