I was a bit busy off gallivanting yesterday

I did manage a bit of painting last night.

The second drummer is nearly up to the level of the first one. I must of had a shake doing his strap over the shoulder though. The first one needs a highlight on the flesh etc. Some of the dark blue and red also went onto some of the civilians.

Early on in the day we explored a broch in the north of the island. This was an Iron Age structure somewhat tumbled down after 2000 years of wind, rain and theft for building houses.

The base of the wall can be seen in the foreground, this would be heightened with peat. It is thought to be defensive, the site itself is sitting on an islet in a loch. The wall covers the causeway from side to side. You can see the causeway in this photo.

Further buildings are on the far side of the tower. You can just about make them out near the water’s edge.

This is the kind of size it would have been:

We also had a mooch about some crofting period click mills.

They were close to the edge of some of the tallest cliffs on Shetland.

This one has access to the sea through a subterranean tunnel. Well access if you don’t mind a 90m climb to the rocks below.

We found the grave with an interesting epitaph. We had heard about it but never seen it.

The afternoon was spent in one of the local shows where one of my daughter’s cockerel won third place in the bantam class.

All in all a very busy day!

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