Sadly not Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip

This hobby is a bit weird I have decided. Well okay the hobby is okay, I think it is me that is the weird one.

A couple of months ago I decided I needed some Airbrush paint so I poddled off to Amazon. I needed to spend £20 for free delivery. 5 x17ml pots of paint came in a lot less than this so I ordered a DVD. Starship Troopers ‘Traitor of Mars” I really enjoyed it so I bought all DVD’s that I could. All three live action ones, two CGI animated ones and the the whole of the Roughnecks series. Great fun…

Next thing is I want to game Starship Troopers. My mate has bought me the role play game for my Birthday. Off I went to find something suitable….That is when I hit the problem. Mongoose no longer provide the minis, yeah you can get them on eBay, if you fancy taking on a second mortgage.

I have Aliens, Predators and Colonial Marines….. I have space Marines and Genestealers and other Tyranid nastiness….. can I find anything suitable in any easy and straightforward manner…..No.

Everything suitable I have found that would work in my mind is either in the states or are in 6/10mm. Rebel Minis or Khurasan would work. Lovely miniatures but the cost of getting them here is rather expensive before getting clobbered by VAT and import duties.

Some awesome ones in 6mm but 6mm is a bit teeny when role playing. Pendraken do a Big Jawed bug which would work with 15mm minis.

Alternative armies have some Flesharon troops in 15mm.

Problem with 15mm is that all of my suitable terrain or maps is for 28mm.

Why am I weird then. I seem to either get interested in something just as everyone else is getting out of it, or I get out of it just as it becomes popular with everyone else.

I am seriously now considering making the bugs as card ones and the troopers as minis. Might stop me grumbling about not being able to get what I want.

A quick edit…

Problem solved….ish… not quite sure how to make the bug 😱

I must get some minis painted tomorrow as I am off for a weeks vacation on Sunday night. Off back to my old stamping grounds in Northumberland. Sadly I haven’t got much painted of late as I have been attempting to get various jobs done as my mate is coming over to animal sit.

One thought on “Random grumpiness and Starship Troopers

  1. Your not alone, it’s a frustration of the hobby. One day we will all have 3d printing and design software in our homes and at our finger tips and all these problems will simply disappear. To be replaced by other problems of course!😊

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