I made my own rock Golem.

A big thank you to Jeremy over on Black Magic Crafts for the inspiration.

He is quite a big beasty as shown by the photo below. To the top of his head he stands about five inches tall.

Sadly I seem to have lost my photographs of the build.

Basically I cut out the torso and legs as one roughly humanoid shape. I then set to work hacking away with a knife to get a rocky looking shape. Feet were hot glued onto the front if the legs. The head was made out of a random offcut. Eyes and a mouth were cut into it, a couple of handy pebbles became the eyes.

The arms looked just plain wrong the same thickness as the torso so I cut them in half with my hot wire cutter. Small boulders were made using either a knife or hot wire cutter and then stuck to the body with PVA.

Once dried I added sand and grit to various parts of the model, when dried I blasted it with watered down PVA.

Painting was next with a mix of dark grey house paint and PVA. I then added a home made Black was, which was far too potent (too much black ink). Once dried I dry brushed up through lighter shades.

Various bits of foliage were added once the paint had dried.

The one thing I intend to do is paint the eyes a different colour. Next time I would round of the hands a bit more and maybe add a club.

Below you can see him in his natural habitat.

A couple more random photos:

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