Vampire Finished

Well I think he is… so I worked on him tonight. Darkened some things, highlighted others and then repainted different bits.

I am quite pleased with him, he is definitely a whole load better than the one that went into the ISO a couple of months ago.

I am not sure about the blood on the blade, but on the up side it’s the easiest of a repaint.

I enjoyed painting it, and on the up side my Mojo came back…

Undead Forces

I decided to have a look at what I had painted compared to what I do not.

This is not a bad little force of undead nastiness.

Back right we have 2 units of eight Militia with an associated Liche and wolf. Mounted general with his Lancer bodyguards

A unit of zombie infantry with another vampire. In front of them some Cossacks and other similar troops. A unit of axemen with another vampire A selection of KGB officers ready to keep this lot in check and then a unit of artillerymen.

A number still need basing properly.

I still have to paint:

A unit of ghouls of the Kryptofski regiment.

A unit of Werewolves

5 wraith cavalry

My re-animator

A large werewolf of the Visthowla legion

And some more Militia.

Undead Line – All finished 

These seem to have taken forever but I got there in the end. I have real problems photographing anything I finish. I did actually paint the faces of the Zombie line and there seems to be a blob on the vampire’s face. Just the basing and varnish to go.

Undead Line III

These are getting there really slowly.


next stage is to get the strapping whitened back up and get the shako accouterments sorted then onto the muskets and metalwork. I am still undecided what colour to do the button and plume.

The vampire and Liche need a fair bit of work too so I think I will be busy tonight. I want them finished by tomorrow

Undead further work

Slowly getting there. The white on the white really looks naff. I am at the point of painting where the figures look like nothing at all. They look messy, which to be fair they are.  I will run a wash over the strapping and then highlight with a pure white. Also give the beards a dark wash to lose the big blob of white.

Hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.

Undead Line Infantry


I managed to get a little bit done at lunchtime today, I will have to crack on to try and get these finished tonight.

Cuffs, collars and epaulettes are going to be red just to help match them into the rest already done. These are the only ones with a greatcoat on so it will help give some form of continuity across the different units.

Undead, Civilians and Outlaws

Well after a brief foray into animal husbandry I am back onto my Flintloque collection.

We have 8 undead, 6 Zombie Line infantry in greatcoats, a Liche and a Vampire, the infantry are going into Brown greatcoats and will join the forces already painted. The vampire as befits his status will be rather swanky and the Liche, the bog standard sombre colours of his uniform.

The three figures are from the 54050 Valon civillian set, I have already done the gnome, but here we have an orc in a greatcoat, another orc in a furry jacket and a rather nasty looking knife and what looks like a bloodhound with a blunderbuss. The last two are LE027 Pluncorc & MacMean.

I made a start on the greatcoats at lunchtime today and will crack on later. I feel a bit of research is required to see what colours to do the cuffs and collars.