Well after a brief foray into animal husbandry I am back onto my Flintloque collection.

We have 8 undead, 6 Zombie Line infantry in greatcoats, a Liche and a Vampire, the infantry are going into Brown greatcoats and will join the forces already painted. The vampire as befits his status will be rather swanky and the Liche, the bog standard sombre colours of his uniform.

The three figures are from the 54050 Valon civillian set, I have already done the gnome, but here we have an orc in a greatcoat, another orc in a furry jacket and a rather nasty looking knife and what looks like a bloodhound with a blunderbuss. The last two are LE027 Pluncorc & MacMean.

I made a start on the greatcoats at lunchtime today and will crack on later. I feel a bit of research is required to see what colours to do the cuffs and collars.


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