Aliens… Pushing Ahead

So tonight I pushed on a bit, (not that you can really tell) but both the Aliens and the prisoners are just about done.

I also moved the Predator a bit further on too.

This last one still has a fair old way to go. But it is heading in the right direction.

As I have been getting further on with these, I have started taking a bit more notice of the floors. Is it me or are they an accident waiting to happen. Cables, ducting, piping and the odd big lump of something heavy too. Now to be fair, the back story is that an interstellar craft crash landed on a jungle world, perhaps the floor used to be a ceiling. Either way I wouldn’t want to be running full tilt, chased by a xenomorph across that lot.

Hopefully my Weyland commandos will arrive tomorrow and I can make a start on them.

I am now checking various sites to see what else there is out there. Predator hounds seem a little sparse on the ground, well they are within my price range.

Hopefully tomorrow I will crack on a bit more with the Predator and get the decks cleared for wherever the paintbrush goes next.

Aliens… Flooring Done

Tonight was the HOTT competition and sadly my daughter has a chest infection so I couldn’t get there. Every cloud has a silver lining as the saying goes. This meant I could do some work on the floors.

The prisoners are all but finished, as are the Aliens. I am not too convinced about the bright cables, but they might grow on me.

In the end I went down the AP wash route. I used the Contrast black as oil or some other dark spills on the floor, not that you can really tell.

Tomorrow I will finish of ‘Bishop’ and then make a start on the Predator.

I do feel like this lot are coming together now.

Aliens… Metal Flooring

So with not much time again tonight I just went for a straight metallic floor. I will give it an Army Painter Dark wash or a ‘watered down’ Dark Contrast. More likely the AP route but we shall see. I am still experimenting with the Contrast so it might be worth a try. If it is crap, the the AP wash will cover it.

The idea is that all the cabling and trunking will be painted different colours, so it is likely that tomorrow night will be back to painting white again.

There is still a fair bit to go on the humans, less on the Aliens but a whole lot to do in the Predator.

I am beginning to get to the ‘past the crap look part’. Once again the only paint used is Contrast apart from the metallics.

I will leave you tonight with a thoughtful quote…

Aliens… Further Progress

Well, not the Aliens, but the prisoners got some more paint onto them this evening.

I am getting there with these, but to be honest I am not sure what colour to do the floor. I am thinking just straight forward steel with coloured conduits. I reckon too much colour on the base might detract from the miniatures. Once these are done I will carry on with the Predator.

Pete had asked me about the maps so here we have the Galaxy one…

Apologies for the poor photo. The light just kept getting in the way. I will attempt to take a better one at another time. There is also a bonus map, I had never turned this one over 🙄

A nice Corporation facility- I wonder what happens here!

On a different note, I visited my mate over the weekend, he is on the mend, but words don’t come easy, which is an absolute bugger for a writer.

To help him out Triple Ace Games have just released Necropolis into a bundle of Holding.

Now although I am somewhat biased, this is one of my favourite settings. It uses Savage Worlds as its base rule system. Wiggy used to write for Pinnacle before setting up TAG.

You take on the role of a warrior in the 2300’s on a holy crusade for the Church against the undead (Rephaim) on the planet Salus far from Earth.

In reality it is a military sci fi setting, with the ‘good guys’ as members of four sacred orders for a futuristic ‘Catholic-esque’ Church. The following were some of my Rephaim foot soldiers.

Doubt I will get much done Monday night as I have to give my Head Teacher’s report at the Parent Council Meeting. It won’t finish until nine. So a late night tomorrow.

Aliens… Smidge Forward

Sadly my plan to get bucket loads done today failed miserably. Mainly through lack of motivation (aka playing on the console) and freezing my bits off (probable lack of Vitamin D) followed by the fact that we now have Netflix. I believe the technical term is Minge watching or something like that.

So my progress today resulted in skin tones and some grey shirts…

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive.

On the historical Shetland story front I have a cracker, still doing a bit of research but should be out soon.

Aliens…Splashing the Paint About

Tonight I made a start on pretty much all of the figures at once 🙄. As I had paint pots open I painted various bits as I went along.

There is pretty much more white on these than colours, but a Start is indeed a start.

Unsurprisingly I got further on with the xenomorphs… well they are all black!

I did edge highlight various bits with white over the top of my attempt at a zenithal highlight. I think I might have wasted my time as to be honest the Black seems to have gone over it with no discernible effect apart from the ridge quest on the nearest one.

Maybe as the paint dries completely I might see something more noticeable. Now as these are meant to be spitters I could add some bright green to the bulbous bits on the side of their heads, but to be honest I am in two minds.

I was going to tell you the tale of Betty tonight, but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow as I am tired and need to go to bed. The tale involves a terrible storm, a ship wreck and silver medals from Queen Victoria herself.