So tonight I pushed on a bit, (not that you can really tell) but both the Aliens and the prisoners are just about done.

I also moved the Predator a bit further on too.

This last one still has a fair old way to go. But it is heading in the right direction.

As I have been getting further on with these, I have started taking a bit more notice of the floors. Is it me or are they an accident waiting to happen. Cables, ducting, piping and the odd big lump of something heavy too. Now to be fair, the back story is that an interstellar craft crash landed on a jungle world, perhaps the floor used to be a ceiling. Either way I wouldn’t want to be running full tilt, chased by a xenomorph across that lot.

Hopefully my Weyland commandos will arrive tomorrow and I can make a start on them.

I am now checking various sites to see what else there is out there. Predator hounds seem a little sparse on the ground, well they are within my price range.

Hopefully tomorrow I will crack on a bit more with the Predator and get the decks cleared for wherever the paintbrush goes next.

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