The Dogs escaped!

Well okay I tried to get some better photographs of them in natural light.

I enjoyed painting these and managed to get them done over three nights. I am definitely improving regarding the painting, but still not where I want to be… to be honest I am not sure where that is, but some people are amazing artists on the same figures, so perhaps closer to them.

A couple more shots from different angles…

I am not sure what to paint next, possibly the dwarves. These need glueing to their bases, as do the werewolves, but maybe I shall keep on with the undead theme. It’s not as if I don’t have a bit of choice with the unpainted undead pile.

3 thoughts on “Zombie Dogs Go Wild

  1. If you are looking to improve your painting there are lots of great painters/modellers on wordpress who happily pass on tips and there are loads of great tutorials on YouTube too. If you want to improve indoor photos you might benefit from checking out and getting a light box at some point. Good luck with what you are doing.


    1. Cheers for the heads up. I like some of the YouTube channels they are a great help. Part of my problem, I think is, I am being too subtle with the different layers. Either that or I go too far the other way. I have considered a light box, but I keep buying toys instead. I really liked your film crew. What manufacturer were they. You could add in a 40 foot gorilla with the same set.

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      1. Practice, practice and you will achieve your aim. The figures are miniatures from a company called Eureka for the film crew and Studio Miniatures for the others. A king Kong theme would be a good one!


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