Been a couple of days since I painted anything

as I converted an old stable into a greenhouse.

I did manage to get the Aristo finished. A great little figure. He would make a very good Scarlet Pimpernel. A bit effete in his mannerisms. I do like his hanky to the fore stance.

Next up Is going to be a unit from Zoltan’s 666th regiment. A unit of dogs that marched into the Witchlands ahead of the Ferach advance. They disappeared without a trace, only to turn up later as an undead horde.

There are 8 troopers and an officer/sergeant of sorts. From what I remember the troops only came in three different poses. I grabbed five random troopers in my last purchase from Alternative Armies.

I am not sure what colours I am going to go for. A bit of research into the Witchlands book is required.

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