This evening I was still aching. Waiting on the results of another blood test. Worst case scenario is that I have fibromyalgia. Which is a pain, no pun intended .

This has been grumbling on like this for eighteen months to two years. Last time I went to the doctors I was told it was just my age. At least this one actually listened and came up with a couple of possible causes. One being poly myalgic rheumatism and the other was mentioned above.

So the aches and pains continue for a while.

6 thoughts on “Nothing Achieved

  1. This sort of post always makes you think before you press “like” because I don’t! It is always frustrating when you know there is something wrong and it never get diagnosed properly. Hopefully they have got it wrong but I do hope they get to the root cause soon for you. All the best from Oz.

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